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There is no better place than the outdoors. We have made sure our range of camping products improves your adventures into nature - all while remaining affordable. Everyone has the right to have an adventure. We make sure you and your fellow campers are equipped for one - with our high-quality, functional range's amazing price-performance ratio.

Do you have any questions?

Where does Portal Outdoor ship to?

We can (and we do) ship worldwide, with distribution warehouses situated in both the United Kingdom and Germany. For UK mainland customers, we offer free delivery on orders over £50 and next day orders (made before 12.00pm) at just £7.95. For European customers, we suggest you visit our DE website here. 

Are your tents waterproof?

Yes. All of our tents, two-person through to six-person, are waterproof – most registering a 2000mm waterproof rating. We know how important it is to be safe from the wet weather while on your adventure. 

What temperatures are the sleeping bags designed/ suited/ equipped for?

Our three sleeping bags available have been tested according to DIN EN 13537:2012. Our Stratos Sleeping Bag has an incredible risk range of –15.3°C and a transition range of –0.1°C. Meanwhile, our more envelope-style Nuvola Sleeping Bag has a risk range of +4.5°C, a transition range of +13.9°C, and a comfort range of +17°C. In our sleeping bag designs, we wanted to ensure all needs were met by offering choice and dynamism.

Do your tents come with instructions?

Yes. Though every one of our tents are quick and simple to assemble, each tent does come with assembly instructions. Even our inflatable tents, the Alfa 4 and Alfa 5 Air Tents, come with instructions – and manual air pumps too.

Do any of your camping chairs have leg rests?

Our range of extensive range of camping chairs offers a broad variety of different chairs. And yes, that includes chairs with leg rests. Whether you want an integrated leg rest, or you want the option to add a leg rest to your chair, we have you covered. We have foot stools too. After all, we know how everyone has different preferences as to how they like they kick back and put their feet up. It is an art, is it not? Especially outdoors. 

Are your camping tables easy to pack away and take with you?

All our products are carefully designed, and we take our customers’ adventuring needs into close consideration when doing so. So yes, every one of our camping tables is made so that you can easily store them, pack them, or take them with you into the outdoors. We have even ensured that we provide varying features between each of our tables too – as we know how different and unique every camper and their preferences can be. From slated table-tops, to briefcase designs, every one of our tables folds down for an easy carry.


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